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Cat body composition monitor

“The world’s first AI-based body composition measuring device that extracts, records, and manages the different biometric data in addition to weight“

​Product Overview

  • Product: INPET

  • Function: Body composition measuring device for cats

  • To be released at the end of 23

​Product Features

  • The world’s first app-linked body composition measuring device for cats

  • Honored with the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Award

  • Possible to measure body water, BMI, visceral fat, protein, basal metabolism, and muscle mass

  • Provides the expected growth rate, obesity rate, and risk factors from the AI time series analysis

  • Attracts the cat by using the LED embedded in the product (car circle)

  • Pet food bowl height adjustment for increasing the measurement accuracy depending on the habit and behavior patterns of the cats

  • Biometric information data management of cats through the app

  • Patent registration completed regarding the body composition measurement of cats and the additional ongoing patent applications

CES2024 혁신상_INPET.png

Product Manual  Download

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