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Global AI Healthcare Service Platform

“Establishing the big data of biological information from pets around the world and

developing the AI healthcare solution”


R&D Performance

“Our mission is to carry out diversified businesses that go far beyond research.”

2018.01 ~ 2018.12

2019.04 ~ 2021.12

2020.12 ~ 2023.05

2021.09 ~ 2021.12

2021.06 ~ 2021.11

2022.04 ~ 2022.10

Business start-up campus commercialization support project

(support by KIDP, Korea Institute of Design Promotion)

-> Developed an IoT-based exercise device for cats

AI-based design industry intelligence project

(support by KEIT, Korea Planning & Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology)

『Research project for establishing a new ecosystem for service design-based manufacturing』

-> Advanced IoT-based exercise device for cats linked with an application

TIPS(Tech Incubator Program for Startup)

(support by TIPA, Korea Technology & Information Promotion Agency for SMEs)

-> Ongoing development and the commercialization of an AI-based biometrics measurement device for cats

Supporting project for promising design innovation companies

(support by KIDP, Korea Institute of Design Promotion)

-> Developed a project design for a biometric measuring device for cats

Data Voucher project

(support by KDATA, Korea Data Agency)

-> Secured the 100,000 synthetic image data sets for disease analysis using the GAN algorithm

AI Voucher Project

(support by NIPA, National IT Industry Promotion Agency)

『Development of a PetCare solution from the AI-based skin and eyeball analysis』 ->  Ongoing development of the AI disease analysis platform (for eye and skin disease) using the zero-contact application

Intellectual Property Rights

"We register and hold a number of intellectual property rights at home and abroad to protect products and services"


Intellectual Property Rights









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