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Domestic and foreign investment, certification, and awards

“Selected for Brand K, global IP star company and AI voucher business, 
the Little Cat has been acknowledged for its value as a pet-tech company.”



  • Achieved Korea Data Assessment Agency (KoDATA) Investment Technology Rating of "Excellent" (TI-3)

  • Commendation for Regional Development by Chairman of Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Council

  • CES 2024 Innovation Award at the U.S. International Consumer Electronics Show (CTA of the U.S. Consumer Technology Association)


  • Selected as an Intellectual Property Management Certification Company by the Korean Intellectual Property Office

  • Awarded by the Governor of Gangwon Province for fostering the data industry

  • Selected as an AI voucher project by the Korea Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency

  • Selected as a promising company to enter the overseas procurement market (G-PASS company)

  • Signed MOU with ABKO Co., Ltd.


  • Selected by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups as an export company

  • 2nd selection of overseas marketing startups

  • Selected as the 2nd startup company for startup commercialization

  • Signed MOU with Spain VIDEO OCA

  • Selected for Data Voucher Project by Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency

  • Certified as a Global IP Star Company by Gangwon-do Economic Promotion Agency

  • Won 2nd place in the cat category at Global Pet Expo, USA


  • Certified as an Export-Promising Small Business

  • Selected for TIPS Program (Private Investment-led Technology Startup Support)

  • Attracted investment from Douzone Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • Established a company-affiliated research center

  • Won the Silver Prize at the Korean Intellectual Property Office Korea Invention Competition (Patent Commissioner's Award)

  • Won the Gold Prize at the Korea Invention Promotion Association Seoul International Invention Competition


  • Ministry of SMEs and Startups Brand-K Certification

  • Selected as the best startup company in the final evaluation of the Generation Convergence Startup Campus

  • Venture company certification

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