Brand Story
the little cat concept is The little prince!
Although home cats grow, they live in the psychological state of the baby cat.They do not hunt themselves or stand by us.
Because, the cat servant will take care of the cat for life.
They, like the pure little prince, believe in life as a baby cat and live.
As a Cat Servant, how can we give them a mother role? I am thinking of an idea.
My cat,
How much do you know?
One night, the cat suddenly got sick and ran into the emergency room hospital.
The vet asked several questions about the cat.
However, the situation that could not easily answer any question is the founding of'the Little Cat'.
How is your cat active in a busy day?..., did you eat better than usual?.....,
how was your water intake?...... I couldn't answer anything!
the Little Cat said, "Can I meticulously grasp the status of a cat through data?" I started.
In order for the cat to be healthy and happy while with me,
'the Little Cat' tries to protect the cat's health.
Home cats,
road cats and people
the Little Cat is trying to protect not only domestic cats but also long cats.
We are building a system where cats donate as much as they exercise on cat wheels. This allows donations to animal protection organizations
You can donate with the cat's exercise. Cat's cat wheel exercise can be used to make your cat healthy and, at the same time, rescue abandoned cats through donations.

Example image

the Little Cat, Cat Servants
Duchi, Tachi twins
Year 3 Cat Servant
R & D Manager
Load cat
Godfather, Cat Papa
General Manager
Accident bundle,'Moongchii'
Year 3 Cat Servant
Trade manager
Load cat's snack
Cat Papa responsible
Design manager
Year 1 Cat Servant