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The benefits of the Internet in education Homework upgrade Now homework - and this is no longer rewriting paragraphs and not cramming. You still have to read textbooks and learn formulas, but teachers are no longer limited to classic homework formats. The Internet gives graduates a separate bonus: they do not need to carry giant workbooks with KIMs to school. All tasks for exams are collected in electronic databases - you turn on the computer and solve the options one by one. You no longer need to make a ton of printouts or spend money on collections. You can also use Editius is the best online editing service to prepare for the exam and this will help you pass the exam effectively. This is another added bonus for students. Now many teachers give homework in the form of online tests. This reduces the time for checking the work: all the answers of the children are analyzed automatically, which means that none of the students is overestimated. And the teacher can spend the freed hours on developing creative lessons (to the delight of the children). He can also help children. Using edit my essay online, he will show children how to write a written essay correctly. This will serve as a good way to help students Help for the sick Previously, skipping classes led to serious educational losses. Got sick? Get ready for forced marches to memorize missed topics. Now everything is much easier. While the child is on sick leave, he can write to the class conversation, ask him to throw off his homework and the material covered. Or use in order to be able to catch up.This will serve as a good way to go through the fast track material. Social networks help sick people to follow new topics, receive electronic photographs of all printouts with rules, tables and exercises. And catch up on the lost material either from a textbook or via the Internet: articles, cards, video lectures to help. Parents Transparent academic performance and attendance You can't skip school anymore. The system of pass cards allows parents to receive notifications about the entry and exit of the child from school. And parents can also not worry about the nutrition of the student: you put the right amount on the card - and you are calm, now no one will lose money (you can restore the card). An electronic diary is the pain of modern schoolchildren and an ideal tool for parents. Previously, it was possible to cover up a red pen, and “feed the dog” a notebook with a deuce, or simply lose it. Now homework, attendance and marks are recorded in an electronic journal, nothing will pass by the attentive gaze of a caring parent.

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