Cat exercise wheel

Cover plated

    B612 Cat Planet is an LED-based exercise tracking treadmill for your cat. 
    The internal LED lights will attract and motivate cats to exercise naturally. Our compatible app records and track the exercise data of your cat, and provides an analysis based on t
    hat data.


    Are you worried about your cat being overweight due to a shortage of exercise?

    Do you get exhausted before your cat becomes tired?

    B612 Cat Planet can be your solution. This is an indoor fitness space for the cat with the following features:

    • Exercise motivation by attracting the cat with LED light

    • Cat's health management with the compatible app

    • Strong and high-quality materials for sustainability and safety

    1. LED Lighting System

    To attract the cat's attention, we have placed the LED light in the center of the wheel. The light will maintain it's location unless the owner changes the location through our app. 
    To protect both the cat's eyes and the light itself, we have covered the light with silicone packing. 
    The LED light battery is placed under the protective silicone packing. The owner can charge the battery by lifting the packing up and connecting with our magnetic charging cable. 

    2. Compatible App

    Wheel's light can only be controlled through our app. The app supports both iOS and Android OS, and the device can be connected through Bluetooth. Wi-Fi connections will be soon available. 
    The light location can be changed on our app's main screen. By scrolling the light point on the screen, the LED light in the wheel will move correspondingly. 
    The LED light color can be changed on the setting screen within our app. The color can vary from default colors to user-customized colors. 

    3. Exchangeable Pad

    The inner pad is detachable and exchangeable with an additionally purchased mat. Note that our inner pad is meant to last semi-permanently with its' high durability and stain-proof material.

    1. Wheel Cover


    Our wheel cover is designed to reflect the light from any angle. This creates various light-spots around the wheel that will entertain the cats even they are not exercising within the wheel. Also, a jewelry-shaped pattern establishes a high-end interior space. We also have focused on the appearance of a wheel when it's not moving, assuming that the time of wheel standing still be longer than it's spinning. Think of it like a car, which looks nice even when it's parked.

    2. Inner Mat


    Our inner mat avoided using a Level Loop type, which is a common format of an indoor mat, and have applied Velvet/ Plush type. The Level Loop's circular shape could tangle with the cat's claw and end up pulling them out. The Velvet/ Plush type will prevent this to happen while the cat is running.

    3. ABS Plastic and Silicone Cover

    We have used the ABS plastic as the main material for the wheel, which has been certified as non-toxic material for both the owner and the cat. The silicone cover on the edge of a wheel protects the appliance and prevents the owner and the cat from getting injured while it's spinning. 

    Our product comes in four different colors:

    1. White wheel - 24K Gold-plated cover

    2. White wheel - Matte White cover

    3. Black wheel - 24K Gold-plated cover

    4. Black wheel - Glossy Golden cover

    A bit about 'the Little Cat'


    the Little Cat started off with a cat owner, who had to let go of his first cat due to its' health problem. He wanted to prevent this health-related issue with his other cats, so he started a company that would solely focus on making cat products for their well-being and health.

    The name, the Little Cat, came from the classic literature The Little Prince. Our main inspiration came from the quote:


    " me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world..."

    "I am beginning to understand," said the little prince. "There is a flower... I think that she has tamed me..."

    -The Little Prince, 1943

    We wanted to make our products with uniqueness and creativeness by implying the quote above in our product. Rather than becoming one of many other products, we intended this to become a unique object for both the owner and the cat. By making a connection between the cat and the B612 Cat Planet, they will know and become familiar with each other. 

    We thought that making a separate Fitness Space for a cat is one of many caring actions that cat owners can do. A spacious, large wheel establishes an independent space for a cat to exercise, just like we pay monthly for our gym. As we spend our money on an exercise-space, the Little Cat has approached such idea from the cat's point of view. 


    B612-Cat Planet is the Little Cat's first project to prevent the cat from being overweight and resulting in a health issue. This will help and provide a guideline along the journey of a cat owner and the cat, for a healthier life.

    We won't stop here and will proceed with our mission of 'improving the cat's health environment through Smart devices' with our later devices and consistent updates. 



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    the Little Cat will be responsible for the errors and defects that happen during after 12 months of purchase of our product. During our 12 months of the warranty period, with the presence of the warranty certificate, the Little Cat will replace the product with no charge if the product breaks down due to a product's defect. 



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    Due to our product box dimension, the shipping cost and time are higher than most of the common products. Hence, please double check your address so that the shipping can be done precisely in a timely manner. The responsibility of return shipping expense because of the address change or misfiling may be on the receiver. Return shipping due to a product's defect will be covered by us. Further details can be found on our physical manual book or by contacting us through:

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