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Emma Taggart

Jan 28, 2019

High-Tech Cat Treadmill Is Designed to Get Lazy Kitties to Exercise

It’s no secret that cats can be pretty lazy. The sedentary life of a house cat typically involves napping for 16 hours a day, and occasionally waking for tasty snacks. With little or no exercise, our feline friends can get a little chubby, which is great for cuddles but not so much for their health. That’s why Korean company Pet Ping has invented a cat treadmill with built-in LED lights, designed for kitty cardio.

Called The Little Cat, the smart treadmill isn’t the first designed for cats, but it’s the only one on the market with integrated LED lights that encourage kitties to work out. “Inside The Little Cat, there is an LED lamp that follows the movement of the wheel,” a promotional video for the treadmill explains. “The cat instinctively follows the light onto The Little Cat.” Ironically shaped like a hamster wheel, the video shows a gorgeous white kitty jumping onto the machine and eagerly chasing the ever-unattainable colored light. Just like a laser pen, the light acts as irresistible prey for most little hunters.

Pet owners can choose to manually control the speed of the treadmill or switch to auto mode. The latter promises to “provide the ideal workout program for your cat, and manage workout patterns.” The treadmill calculates the cat’s body mass index and can customize the speed and duration of the workout based on individual kitty needs. Owners can also set feline fitness goals, check on their cat’s activity when they’re not at home, and even record encouraging voice messages.

Find out more about The Little Cat treadmill on the Pet Ding website.

Could your lazy kitty do with some exercise?

Check out The Little Cat treadmill designed by Pet Ping.

It features integrated LED lights that encourage kitty cardio.

Pet Ding: Website | Instagram | YouTube

h/t: [Oddity Central]

All images via Pet Ding.

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