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Kelli Bender

Jan 9, 2019

For $1,800 You Can Get a Cat Treadmill Designed to Entice Your Feline to Exercise

The Little Cat treadmill made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show and is expected to be available for purchase in March


Fat cat? If only there was a way to kindly trick him into exercising. Soon there will be: Meet The Little Cat.

This new gadget from South Korea’s Pet Ding start-up is a treadmill made for felines. Like many other cat treadmills on the market, The Little Cat looks like an enlarged hamster wheel.

Unlike other cat treadmills, which often retail around $200, The Little Cat cost close to $1,800, according to The Telegraph.

The price hike is due to The Little Cat’s bells and whistles. The new cat treadmill has LED lights along the inside of the wheel that are designed to attract your cat to the piece of exercise equipment and then keep your pet moving and interested once he or she hops on.

Pet Ding created an app the goes along with The Little Cat, which allows owners to control the treadmill’s speed. The treadmill also offers a live feed of your kitty’s workouts, the option to record and play encouraging messages for you feline and cat calorie tracking, all of which can be controlled through the app.

The Little Cat made its debut at the Las Vegas 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, and is expected to be available for purchase in March.

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