Cat toys for overweight and lazy cats. Related Rivew
Made in South Korea in the form of a cat treadmill or cat treadwheel.
Cat wheel, such as cat toys with smart IoT technology for cat health care, Remote exercise induction device with weight balance, diet system available for overweight and lazy cats.

First time experience ketofil, kids love

Although I thought that I would like to buy a ketofil once while raising a cat, I was selected as a ketofil experience group and I had the opportunity to see the prior experience before impulsive buying.

For the delivery, the installation driver visited and sliced ​​it and kindly explained it.

Butler was surprised at the ketofil size that I saw for the first time, but I decided that the cat should ride on this size to avoid injury.

From the first day, we started to take an interest in the ketofil that our training and Dara saw for the first time.

Training is ketofil, and sit down there Fufufu

Then, as I knew that the laser would come out when I moved, I started riding the ketofil little by little.

The advantage of the Cats Aktofil is that it has a built-in LED in the center that allows children to move the light this way.

The position of the LED light is fixed, but when synchronized with the mobile phone application, the butler also changes the position and changes the color.

Also, when I look at the app, I can check the distance traveled by the children, the calories burned, and check the amount of activity.

I love both training, which has a little activity, and Dala, who has a lot of activity.

Perhaps because of the light from the LEDs, the children who had completed the adaptation immediately were said to have taken the ketofil at night, and at night.

I am very satisfied as a trained butler with the amount of activity lined up riding a ketofil!

I was worried about Tada in the day and night because of the ketofil noise, but there is a noise prevention pad below, so I do not mind the noise!

The deadline for the ketofill is a silicone pad that children can use, so you don't have to worry about safety.

The frame of the ketofill is a diamond gold cover, but the butler's favorite sniper!

It's too pretty to see, but it's even cleaner when exposed to sunlight,
From the place where it was originally installed, we moved to Nikko. (It was easier to carry the ketofil than I thought)

Then, I was so shimmering, Ipunte, I was a butler, and I loved the good children.

It looks really pretty!


In this way I recommend Ketofil even better for pretty children!

Chris Fit

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