The only smart cat wheel in the world

B612 Cat Planet

- the Little Cat

Cat wheel Success for Exporting
in Japan Korean Start-ups to Overseas.
Fox Broadcasting Company of the United States
is interviewing Little Cat at the Global Pet Fair.

Korean national brand [Brand K]

Brand K certifies trendy products combined with superior quality, fresh ideas and design Little Cat is a Korean brand certified by Brand K.

App-linked Smart Cat Exersice Wheel

Platform Patent

Service Design Patent

Product Patent

Trademark Patent

Cat Exercise Wheel Patent

There is a reason why cats love it.

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Q. Why Cat's obesity dangerous?

Recently, there have been reports of abuse in Europe if obese pets are left unattended. A slim cat can live up to two more years, so you must prevent obesity for the cat's healthy 20 years life time.

App-linked smart Cat Exercise Wheel

A fat cat who eats prescription food that needs systematic 

A cat that loses its owner's stamina at night.

Cat worried about health due to less activity after neutralization.

the Little Cat's Cat Exercise Wheel is needed at times like this.


the Little Cat APP

You can control the LED light, manage the body mass of cats, check the range of exercise and calories usage with an application dedicated to Little Cat. The distance, body mass, and calorie consumed by cats are accumulated during the day/week/month period of the graphide to help with systematic health care.

For Cat Diet, Cat health care, Weight balance


Built-in LED Light system

B612 Cat Planet Patent

The built-in LED on the B612 Cat Planet recognizes the speed at which the wheels are turning and secures the LED's position.

Q. Laser, is it okay for Cats' eyes?

the Little Cat's B612 Cat Planet is designed to prevent direct

exposure eyes with built-in LED and to minimize irritation

by covering it with silicone packing.

Use a laser pointer on the Cat Exercise Wheel

B612 Cat Planet Cat Exercise Wheel LED

※ When the catwheel is used while charging with a magnetic charging cable, the charge naturally stops.


the Little Cat App

LED light control / Cat BM management / Exercise distance, Heat consumption check

Download the Little Cat from the Google App Store!

Start taking care of your cat's health conveniently with the App.

Adjust the colour and position of the built-in LED lights in conjunction

with the wheels.

Managing the amount of exercise, calorie consumption, and

body mass of cats Daily / Weekly / Monthly.

the Little Cat Main Screen

LED light Color Adjustment

Cat Information Input

Momentum Data Value


Manufactured by Korean Kolon Fabric Inner mat

Made in Korea and semi-permanent usable inner mats

without worrying about environmental hormones.


Safety and health-conscious Materials / Design

Cat Exercise Wheel safely with an inside base and health care

with use domestic ABS material.

Determine if it's easy to manage and if there's any health and safety issues.

LG Chem-produced in Korea

ABS plastic wheel

silicon cover

B612 Cat Planet is intended to solve problems caused by management difficulties, such as cracking or shrinking of wood. We used domestic (Korea) ABS plastic. Without worrying about environmental hormones and there's no deformation. You can just play around and wipe it off. Also you don't worry about the germs.

Competitor company Out Base

the Little Cat Inside Base

Designed as an outside base product. It mat occur the accidents by a foot, tail, and furry caught the gap between the wheel base and the wheel.

We prevent safety accidents with the inside base.

Plastic + Bearing Combination Noise Minimized 

You don't worry about active noise in the middle of the night, Night noise / Floor noise.


Bearing from France's S Company ABEC7

LG Chemical Domestic (Korea) ABS plastic

The Little Cat selects the ABS plastic material and separates the stands into two, significantly reducing the common rumbling of wooden Cat Exercise Wheels.

It provides additional floor mats of thick domestic(Korea) KOLON fabric to prevent

slippage and to keep noise once more. 

A generous Wheel size for Fat Cats, too. 

A generous size Cat Exercise Wheel that can run

in the right position to avoid back strain.

If the catwheel is too narrow, then the cat caused waist disc, scoliosis, etc.

It could be damage for cat's back.

Running is important, but running in the right position on the wide

Cat Exercise Wheel is the point.

Germany 608-2ZR


The role of interior furniture in a 24k gold Jewelry pattern that shines everywhere

Black Wheel + 24K Gold Plate Cover

Black Wheel + Glossy Golden Cover

White Wheel + 24K Gold Plate Cover

White Wheel + Matte White Cover


Warranty Information


the Little Cat will be responsible for the errors and defects that happen during after 12 months of purchase of our product. During our 12 months of the warranty period, with the presence of the warranty certificate, the Little Cat will replace the product with no charge if the product breaks down due to a product's defect. 



Shipping Information


Due to our product box dimension, the shipping cost and time are higher than most of the common products. Hence, please double check your address so that the shipping can be done precisely in a timely manner. The responsibility of return shipping expense because of the address change or misfiling may be on the receiver. Return shipping due to a product's defect will be covered by us. Further details can be found on our physical manual book or by contacting us through: