If, for example, Cat Owner come at

four o'clock in the afternoon,
then at three o'clock Cat shall begin to be happy.

(If, for example, you come at four o'clock in the afternoon,

then at three o'clock I shall begin to be happy)

- Antoine de Saint Exupery The Little Prince(1943), p52 -

the Little Cat APP

Data accumulation

Accumulation of data values that cats exercise on a daily,

weekly, and monthly

Exercise measurement

Measure the distance, number of wheels, and calories consumed on the cat wheel.

LED light control

LED light color, adjustable with location with smart phone application

Entering cat information

Enter name, date of birth, biometric information

Bluetooth connection

The bluetooth Connectivity to Measure and Adjust Data Value


Overweight is the leading cause of cat disease.

It seems that 60% of cats are overweight.

- (America POPA)-


A slender cat lives 2 years longer, For longevity,

obesity must be prevented.

We need to care about cat health care.

Certified by the Korean Government,

National brand SME co-brand


[Brand K]

'Brand K'that certifies a trending product that combines excellent quality, novel ideas, and design

the Little Cat is a South Korean manufactured product that is brand K certified.

Certified by the Korean Government,

National brand SME co-brand [Brand K]

Certified Brand [the Little Cat] 



The pretty design makes the dull living room look more bright. I was worried that it was my first cat wheel, but I am very satisfied.

_ raffine19**

Thanks to LED light, adaptation is complete. Our children are finished day and night, and now they ride a cat wheel.
I am very satisfied with the increase in activity while riding the cat wheel!

_ 09483**

There is almost no noise when I use it!
Turning in excitement, the cat goes outside the wheel
Even if I missed a lot of feet, it was good not to get stuck on the wheel.

_ dkffkqqh**

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